Denmark votes to join European Defence Agency

Christian Wenande
March 23rd, 2023

A majority of Parliament voted in favour in wake of Denmark moving to abolish the EU defence reservation last summer

Expect to see more of this over the next decade (photo: Forsvaret)

Denmark is currently the only EU-member not part of the European Defence Agency (EDA) – which was established back in 2004 to help its members develop their military resources.

But that looks set to change in the very near future following the news that Parliament has paved the way for Denmark to become the 27th member of the EDA.

The move will permit Denmark to take part in joint EU efforts to purchase and distribute munitions to Ukraine.

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Greater responsibility
The basis for having the vote in Parliament today stems from Denmark moving to abolish the EU defence reservation in a referendum last summer.

That reservation had meant that Denmark could not participate in the EDA or other EU-led military projects.

“Europe needs to take greater responsibility for its own security, and Denmark must fully participate in the co-operation,” said the acting defence minister, Troels Lund Poulsen.

“The EDA plays a special role in regards to supporting member-state co-operation, and we look forward to contributing to that.”

Sights on PESCO
Denmark can now also request to be approved to join PESCO – the Permanent Structured Co-operation, which is part of the EU’s security and defence policy that pursues structural integration.

Current PESCO members must vote to approve Denmark as a new member – something that is expected to happen as early as May 23.


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