Field’s shooter to plead insanity in June trial

Ben Hamilton
March 30th, 2023

Judge will have the final say on what kind of sentence is handed out on July 5, two days after the anniversary of the shootings

The scene of the shootings last July (photo: Leif Jørgensen)

The trial of the gunman who terrorised the Field’s shopping mall last July, causing the deaths of three people, will commence on June 12 at Copenhagen City Court.

A verdict is expected on the sixth and final day of the trial on July 5 – just two days after the anniversary of the shootings.

The 23-year-old gunman, who admits he carried out the shootings, was yesterday formally charged by Copenhagen Police with three counts of murder and 11 counts of attempted murder in relation to his efforts to shoot 21 people. A total of 22 people have been called as witnesses.

The charge sheet will be handed over to the press next week, at which time more information might become available.

Insanity defence
DR reports that the gunman acknowledges “he was in the shopping centre and that it was he who had the weapon and shot”.

However, he maintains he was insane at the time of the crime.

Whether the judge agrees he was mentally ill will be central to what kind of sentence he gets.

The gunman is currently being held in a closed psychiatric ward, where he has been since a hearing on July 4.

Compensation claims might have to wait
Helle Hald, a representative of many of the victims of the shootings – which includes those injured, traumatised, or related to the deceased – told media that yesterday was “a very important day for those who are involved in this case”. 

“The fact that we are now getting a concrete charge sheet and a list of evidence means I can start telling the wronged parties when they have to testify, and that is going to be very important,” she added.

Many are expected to claim compensation once the case has concluded – whether that ends up being in the city, high or supreme court remains to be seen. 

According to Hald, some were so badly injured they have been unable to return to work.

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