Pirates vacate Danish ship, taking crew members with them

It is unknown where the hostages have been taken

Pirates who attacked Danish-owned tanker Monjasa Reformer on Saturday have left the ship, but have taken three crew members with them, DR reports.

The number of hostages was reported by the media outlet TradeWinds, although the figure has not been confirmed by Monjasa, the company that owns the vessel.

The other members of the crew – originally 16 strong – are still aboard the oil and chemical tanker and ‘doing well’, according to Monjasa. None of the crew are Danish.

The ship was found adrift off the coast of Gabon by the French Navy. 

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Grisly gulf 
The waters off the Gulf of Guinea have replaced the east coast of Africa as the world’s most dangerous pirating hotspot.

Though there has been a sharp decrease in the number of attacks in recent years, ships are still at risk. Poverty in nearby countries, such as Nigeria and Cameroon, has led many to the desperate measure of pirating. 

There was no damage sustained by the ship or its cargo, which implies that the pirates may have decided to try and benefit from a hostage situation.

Allegedly five armed men carried out the attack, approaching the tanker on a small boat and boarding the bigger vessel.