Food for thought? Prices set to go down at supermarkets … soonish

Consumers in Denmark will have to wait a little while longer … even though the tide has already turned in Sweden and elsewhere

Consumers should soon be able to see some light at the end of the tunnel – at least based on what the major supermarket chains predict.

Both Salling Group and Coop, the owners of major chains such as Netto, Føtex, Bilka, Irma and SuperBrugsen, have predicted price declines at their supermarkets … at some point soon.

“Whether it will be a week or three months, we can’t say for sure. There are still price rises from distributors that can hit us, but we expect food prices to begin falling within months,” Jacob Krogsgaard Nielsen, the head of communications at Salling Group, told Jyllands-Posten.

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If Sweden can do it …
The news will offer relief to Danish consumers, as they endured the highest food prices in history last month.

This is in stark contrast to recent UN figures, which conveyed that global food prices had fallen for 12 months in a row and were 21.9 percent lower than their all-time peak in March 2022.

Jens Juul Nielsen, the head of communications for Coop, said the supermarkets can’t put their prices down until their distributors do the same – despite inflation falling for the fifth month in a row in Denmark.

But apparently they can across the border in Sweden, where supermarket prices have plummeted in the wake of recent price wars.