Denmark ranked among safest countries for women travelling alone

Report by Big 7 Travel lauded the country for its low crime levels and percentage of women who feel safe walking at night

A midnight stroll in a park. A late-night cab drive following a drinking session with friends. Or how about a guided tour in the wilderness. 

For men, these sorts of propositions are likely entertained based simply on convenience and cost.  

But for women, especially those travelling alone, any of the scenarios might elicit serious consideration – especially due to personal safety. 

Deemed safe in Denmark
But that risk calculation is probably less arduous to make for women travelling alone to Denmark compared to most other countries.

According to a new ranking by travel guide Big 7 Travel, Denmark ranks eighth overall in regards to being the safest countries for women travelling solo.

“Denmark is consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world, and this year it has bagged the second position,” wrote Big 7 Travel.

“Denmark’s happy culture has created such a safe environment that a whopping 85 percent of Danish women feel safe walking at night. The overall crime index is low at 27, and their safety index is a highly respectable 64.4 out of 100.”

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A pearl of Arabia
The ranking is based on data across eight key parameters, such as crime & safety, female homicide rates, domestic abuse legislation, public transport & taxi safety, and global gender gap scores.

The ranking was topped by Oman, followed by Taiwan, Slovenia, Austria and Norway, while Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland and Poland completed the top 10.

Other countries to feature in the top 20 included Japan (14th), South Korea (16), Finland (17) and Canada (18).

Check out the complete list here.