Copenhagen eyeing new Metro lines

City Hall has begun looking into the possibility of establishing lines to areas such as Hvidovre and Brønshøj … and perhaps all the way to Malmö

Back in 2019, before the completion of the City Ring line, a number of mayors in the Copenhagen region called for an additional extension that would bring the City Metro out to areas like Hvidovre.

One of the key arguments at the time was to provide patients and staff a more efficient way to reach Hvidovre Hospital – one of the biggest health hubs in the region.

Well it seems that those pleas have not landed on deaf ears, with Copenhagen announcing preliminary plans to investigate the possibility of doing just that.

“The Metro helps make Copenhagen one of the best cities in the world to live in. So it’s only natural that many Copenhageners want a new Metro line for their district,” said Copenhagen’s mayor, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen.

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Related to M5 appraisal
The plan is part of an ongoing preliminary inquiry looking into whether the planned M5 Metro line linking Lynetteholm to Refshaleøen can be expanded to provide greater Metro access across other parts of the city.

City Hall mentioned possible destinations such as Nordvest/Bispebjerg, Brønshøj-Husum, Valby, Amager, Frederiksberg and Hvidovre. 

And if external financing can be found, perhaps even all the way to Malmö.

Before the inquiry can commence, however, City Hall must formally approve the 2.5 million kroner move – something that is scheduled to occur in June.

If approved, the findings are expected to be released to the public by the start of 2025.