Delays at Copenhagen Airport may continue throughout the summer

Still no solution in sight to the conflict between the air traffic controllers and Naviair. Delays, affecting both departures and arrivals, are expected to disrupt what is Kastrup’s busiest time

If you or your relatives are going to fly into or out of Copenhagen soon: prepare with patience.

The major delays will most likely continue. In May, there were days with up to 60 cancelled flights and massive delays, according to TV2 Kosmopol.

The delays are roughly distributed equally between departures and arrivals.

“It is as feared. There will be more delays throughout the summer, it seems,” Jacob Pedersen, an aviation analyst at Sydbank, told TV2 Kosmopol.

Days ahead with massive delays
According to Kristoffer Plenge-Brandt, the traffic manager at Copenhagen Airport, the delays have not stopped in June.

“We continue to see days when we have massive delays, but we also have other days that are closer to the delays we see in general,” he said.

In in addition to the air traffic controller conflict, he emphasises, there are also runway capacity issues, which also affect the delays.

Keep the faith
Plenge-Brandt has faith that the parties will strike a deal.

“If we do not get a solution, we are looking at a challenging summer. We will have delays. There will be even more of our guests affected by delays,” he said.

The air traffic controllers’ union and Naviar state in a written comment to TV2 Kosmopol that they are still negotiating, but that there is nothing to report.