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Wegovy startles in cardiovascular study, climate activists promise events in capital

November 13th, 2023

Climate activists protest against road expansion by blocking a packed motorway. Plus, you can now charge your electric car between Helsingør and Helsingborg, and more and more young people are getting chlamydia.

Photo: Novo Nordisk

Top stories in Denmark today

  • Wegovy shows promising pace for Novo
  • Green ferry power can charge an hour in 20 minutes
  • Climate activists block packed highway
  • Danish youth break their own chlamydia record
  • Rescue divers rescue man from Nyhavn

Wegovy shows promising pace for Novo

At the weekend, Novo Nordisk presented data showing that the drug Wegovy reduces the risk of cardiovascular events by 20 per cent. compared to placebo.

“I’ve been working on this for 22 years, and I’ve never seen such consistency across everything we’ve looked at,” said Martin Holst Lange, Group CEO of Novo Nordisk responsible for the development of new medicines, at an analyst meeting, according to Euroinvestor.

Novo’s cardiovascular study, called Select, was conducted in 17,604 obese adults over the age of 45 with established cardiovascular disease, but without diabetes.

The results generally show that Wegovy reduces the risk of serious cardiovascular events, i.e., blood clots, strokes and cardiovascular death by 20 per cent.

Furthermore, Wegovy influences all parameters that Novo has looked at. This applies, among other things, to blood clots, strokes, cardiovascular death, death from any cause, hospitalization, chronic kidney disease and the risk of developing diabetes.

The Novo Nordisk share rose 3 percent on Monday morning.

Green ferry power can charge an hour in 20 minutes

On the Øresund line between Helsingør and Helsingborg, electric car owners can now park their electric car on the ferry and let the car be charged.

The Øresund line’s ferries can now offer fast and powerful charging for a full 250 extra kilometers on the short trip across the Øresund.

“The proportion of electric cars is increasing all the time, and the more cars that hit the roads, the greater the need for fast and flexible charging. Here you can combine a break from the drive with fresh energy and an extra 250 kilometers in your electric car”, explains Molslinjen’s managing director, Kristian Durhuus in a press release.

Four chargers with space for eight cars on each departure are installed on each of the electric ferries, Aurora and Tycho Brahe. This means that up to 260,000 electric cars can be charged annually on the frequent route across the Øresund.

Climate activists block packed highway

On Monday morning, climate activists blocked motorway exit 21 Avedøre on the E20 motorway protesting the expansion of the Danish highway network.

Six people are with the demonstration. The participants carry orange banners with the text ‘Drop the new motorways’, informs Nødbremsen on its website.

“We, as a climate campaign, are escalating our methods because the government is right now with open eyes escalating the climate collapse we are in, among other things by building these 15 new motorways, as part of the Agreement on Infrastructure Plan 2035,” said the participant in Nødbremsen, Laura Krarup Frandsen to TV 2.

The blockade will not be an isolated incident. Nødbremsen is planning several similar actions in the next few weeks, says Laura Krarup Frandsen.

In October, a man from Nødbremsen jumped onto the stage at Det Kongelige Teater during a performance. He carried a banner with the text ‘Climate Collapse – Pull the Emergency Brake. He managed to hold up the banner in front of the audience for half a minute before being escorted off the stage.

The climate movement explains that it exercises “peaceful civil disobedience” to draw the attention of Danish politicians to the climate crisis.

Danish youth break their own chlamydia record

In 2022, young Danes beat their own record for the number of chlamydia cases for the second year in a row, DR reports.

There were a total of 35,687 confirmed cases of chlamydia among the 15-29-year-olds last year, writes Sex & Society in a press release.

According to Majbrit Berlau, secretary general of Sex & Society, far too few – especially young men – allow themselves to be tested. In all regions, the women’s test rate is well over twice as high as the men’s.

Therefore, the dark figure is probably higher.

“We have a shared responsibility to break the chlamydia curve. To break the curve, more people must protect themselves with condoms, get tested and treated,” says Majbrit Berlau.

Chlamydia is an infection of the urethra, cervix or rectum and is the most common sexually transmitted disease. Most people experience no symptoms, but the infection can develop into inflammation in the abdomen and can cause chronic abdominal pain and female sterility.

Rescue divers rescue man from Nyhavn

On Sunday evening an elderly man was rescued from the water at Nyhavn by rescue divers from Hovedstadens Beredskab, DR reports.

On X, the emergency services write that the man has cooled slightly and taken into a fire engine.

The man, who is supposed to have been in the water for a maximum of ten minutes, had cooled down a bit, but is otherwise fine, operations manager Martin Smidt tells Ritzau.

But had it not been for some luminescent ropes that the man could cling to, it might have turned out worse.

“It is our task leader’s assessment that if it had not been for those ropes, the man could easily have gone under the water.The ropes have been installed recently. They hung like a garland right in the water,” says Martin Smidt.

He says that it is most often in the summer that people fall into the water in Nyhavn.


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