Copenhagen lands 2021 budget at record pace

From cycling and cruise ships to daycare and schools, the city needed just five days of negotiations to reach an agreement

The Lynetteholm artificial island features in the budget agreement (photo: By & Havn)
September 4th, 2020 12:34 pm| by Christian W

It took local politicians at City Hall just five days to reach an accord on the budget for Copenhagen in 2021.

Included in the deal were millions of kroner in funds earmarked for everything from daycare and schools to the elderly and socially vulnerable.

“I’m pleased and proud that such a broad spectrum of parties wanted to take responsibility and ensure that we improve the welfare for our children, vulnerable and elderly – and that Copenhagen can continue to develop as the city we love,” said Copenhagen Mayor Frank Jensen.

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An island of dreams
Other key aspects of the deal involved the establishment of the artificial island
Lynetteholm with an accompanying Metro link and a road along Øresund between Nordhavn and Refshaleøen.

Check out the fact box below for the central points of the budget agreement.

Alternatively, check out the entire budget document here (in Danish).

Copenhagen’s 2021 budget:

– 450 million kroner to be set aside over the next four years to having minimum standards at childcare institutions that involve there being at least one adult for every three children at nurseries and one adult for every six kids at kindergartens from 2022

– Two new schools are planned to be established in Nordhavn and Amager, while new school buildings will be made available in Nørrebro and Valby

– 344 million kroner over a four-year period for a social investment plan that will provide better quality and more resources to help vulnerable children and adults, as well as citizens who are handicapped or have psychological issues

– 28.6 million kroner will be set aside over four years to prevent unhappiness and lonlieness in the city’s care institutions

– A guarantee of 400 million kroner will be used for a long, green coastline on the artificial island Lynetteholm and for the environment and climate to be protected during the early development phase of the project

– 74 million kroner has been dedicated to new cycling initiatives and safer school roads, and to develop the old part of the city to include fewer cars and more green spaces

– 79 million kroner will be used to establish land-based charging stations at Ocean Kaj and Langelinie for the many cruise ships that visit Copenhagen

– 7 million kroner annually for four years has been set aside to kick-start tourism in Copenhagen in wake of the Coronavirus Crisis.

– Another 6 million kroner annually will help cut fees for the struggling business sector and 2 million kroner annually for three years to help attract talent and investment to the city

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