Union Views: Stepping up with success

Becoming a manager presents plenty of dilemmas

March 15th, 2015 6:55 am| by admin

At Djøf, 70 percent of the members have an ambition to become a manager in their career and presently 20-25 percent hold a management position.

For some, the transition into management is troublesome and eventually they have to let go of their dream. Others never make the effort. The big question is: how do you successfully make the transition from employee to manager?

Connecting with the new boss
Your relationship with your new boss is very important – especially in your first 100 days. Bosses often seem very busy and have a number of urgent future issues on their agenda. Unconsciously the boss thinks that the job is done by hiring you. But it’s not.

You need to have some ‘quality time’ together to describe the boundaries of your authority, your leadership space, the expectations for the coming year and your main tasks. Also, you should be properly introduced to the new contacts in and outside the company.

Almost as important, you should know each other on a personal level. What are your differences and similarities – be curious. And if necessary take the initiative yourself.

Leading your colleagues 
Many first-level managers will be leading close colleagues. This is a dilemma; you need to redefine these relationships. Good personal relationships between colleagues are glued by mutual sympathy, humour and common interests. Often you feel as equals.

When you enter the management position the relationship will at once be asymmetrical. You are not equals in the hierarchy of the organisation. Occasionally some colleagues think that the good personal relationship can be exchanged for favours such as interesting projects or higher pay. Don’t fall into this trap. It is important that you establish a strong company perspective.

As a manager in transition you should prioritise time to reflect and learn. At Djøf we support you in “stepping up with success” through network groups, morning meetings, management education and courses, mentor programme, career talks and coaching. You are most welcome to join us: djoef.dk/english.