Today’s front pages – Tuesday, April 30

The Copenhagen Post’s daily digest of what the Danish dailies are reporting on their front pages

Danish sperm donor system questioned after case in England

A case in England involving a woman who was sentenced to five years in prison for forcing her 14-year-old daughter to inseminate herself with Danish donor sperm has led to a discussion about whether Danish sperm is sold in secure enough environments. The English woman bought the donor sperm from Cyros over the internet. – Berlingske

The government’s train fund hanging by a thread

The government’s plan to raise 27.5 billion kroner from the taxation of oil companies in order to finance railway infrastructure upgrades is hanging by a thin thread. A new analysis by consultancy firm Wood Mackenzie showed that funds obtained from taxing the oil sector would only generate a maximum of 15.4 billion kroner. – Jyllands-Posten

Growth plan foundation crumbling

New seeds of doubt about the government’s new growth plan ‘Vækstplan DK’ were sown after business confidence fell to its lowest level since October 2009. When the government revealed the growth plan on February 26, growth was expected at 1.3 percent. In March, that was downgraded to 0.75 percent and now growth is expected to be at 0.4 percent or lower. – Børsen

Control team to stop wage dumping

Led by Mayor Frank Jensen (S), the City Council wants to set up its own control team to make 430 annual control visits in the hunt for companies and subcontractors who do not pay their workers properly. Jensen will set five million kroner, and six to eight people, aside for the task. –Politiken

NHLers ready for World Championships

Winger Mikkel Bødker of the Phoenix Coyotes was given the green light by his club yesterday to represent Denmark in the upcoming ice hockey World Championships in Stockholm. Bødker joins young defenseman Oliver Lauridsen (Philadelphia Flyers) as the only two NHL players available so far, although Philip Larsen (Dallas Stars) could also join. –

Traffic authority apologises for wrong figures

The traffic authorities, Trafikstyrelsen, said it was wrong last week when it said that the new 27.5 billion kroner ‘Timeplanen’ (hour plan) rail investment would only generate 4,190 new passengers. Instead, Trafikstyrelsen now announced that the mistake was down to a misunderstanding and that the actual figure was closer to 26,000. – Ingeniøren