1986: Chernobyl blew up, but we got this!

By the time autumn sets in, any sign of commitment to those well-intended New Year resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more, quit smoking or finally try out yoga are but a distant memory. With the first sign of chilly weather, it’s easy to trade in the morning jog for a few more cosy minutes in bed, and the summer salads are understandably substituted for indulgent comfort foods.


Enter the annual Healthy Lifestyle Fair, which has been held every autumn since 1986. Gathered under the historical glass roof of Øksnehallen, the three-day fair will showcase the latest and finest in the areas of health, beauty and wellness.


Over 15,000 visitors are expected to eagerly browse 180 stalls stocked full with a plentiful array of products from organic skincare to groundbreaking acupuncture patches, engage with producers and exhibitors, and listen to inspiring talks. 


The progressive fair is less about achieving that sexy six-pack and more about lifestyle, living better and wellness. Organiser Peter Mikkelsen notes: “In the last few years, there has been a strong focus placed on mental health, mindfulness and the connection between mental strength and the health and your body.”


Our adamant self-made promises may have slipped by the waist-side, and our waistlines consequently expanded, but with its timely entrance into town, Denmark’s largest health fair serves as a gentle reminder to take care of ourselves. After all, we deserve it. 

Healthy Lifestyle Fair 

Øksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11, Cph V; starts Fri, ends Sun, open daily 10:00-18:00; Tickets: adults 100kr, under-14s free adm; www.sund-livsstil.dk




Dining psychology

The café; Fri 14:00

Learn more about the groundbreaking new understanding of the mind’s effect on the body – food is only one half of the story.


Live longer

The café; Fri 17:00

They say if you love thy neighbour you will live longer, and this lecture will teach you how to create good relations with others.


Life as we speak it

The café; Sun 15:00

Understand how to communicate better and learn effective techniques to help achieve your desires and life goals. 


Functional Food

Stall 441; every day 

Sukrin’s 100 percent natural product range features sugar and sweetener substitutes, as well as gluten-free flours and cake mixes to satisfy any gluten-intolerant sweet-tooth. 

Highly Recommended:


Consciousness Hotel

Stall 617; every day

Meet eight skilled therapists who will teach you a very powerful hands-on technique to relieve stress by gently pressing on certain points of the skull. 


Dream Cushion

Stall 649; every day

If your New Year resolution was to sleep better, you can’t go wrong with the world’s softest pillow. Assisting with tension headaches, whiplash and also sold as a travel set, a good night’s sleep is guaranteed.


Caffeine fix

Stall 336; every day

If you’re feeling a little weary after wandering the fair, get a pick-me-up at a stall selling espresso machines and gourmet coffee. Funnily enough you can also find Omega 3 oil band ergonomic seating and exercise balls at this mismatch stall.


Raw and more

Stall 430; every day

If you want to take this revived resolution feeling to the extreme, why not experiment with the raw food delicacies? Rawfood is just as the name suggests: superfood, rawfood, kitchen gear and more to suit the raw food lifestyle 




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