Gurgle don’t guzzle – you’ll end up sideways

October 4th, 2013

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Wine lovers of all kinds listen up! The annual Helsingør Wine Festival is on Saturday and has something to offer everybody with any sort of interest in wine: from the novice who knows only that there are red ones and white ones to the connoisseur who can tell whether it’s a cabernet sauvignon or a syrah just by sticking his nose into the glass.

At the festival, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, 25 invited wine merchants give you the opportunity to taste 250 different wines from all over the world. Once you have paid the entrance fee, all the wines are available for you to taste. There are three time slots – called flights – to choose between. The first flight from 11:00-13:30 is a ‘super tasting’. Apart from the general assortment on the stands, there will also be some special wines presented at this tasting, which is aimed at true wine connoisseurs. The price for the ‘super tasting’ is 250 kroner.

The second flight (14:15-16:30) and the third flight (17:30-19:15) both cost 200 kroner and are for everybody who enjoys wine and might be interested in knowing a bit more about the noble drink. Although the entrance ticket gives you access to try all of the festival’s 250 wines, it might be advisable to take a look at the assortment beforehand and pre-select some wines you would like to try – 250 wines in less than two hours is perhaps a little ambitious, no matter how great your thirst! The list of wine merchants and their assortment can be downloaded from www.vinfestival.dk.

If you don’t have time to look through the assortment beforehand or are simply overwhelmed by the variety on offer, there will be plenty of guides at the festival ready to help you discover the right wines for you. There are wine merchants from all over the world represented at the festival, and you might discover wine from countries you had never thought of as wine producing – such as Denmark, as three of the stands offer wine by local wine growers in Zealand! Apart from red, white and rosé, you will also find port wine and sherry, as well as various food delicacies such as cheese, nuts, oils, pesto, pasta and chocolate.

Whatever level you are at when it comes to wine tasting, or even if you are just looking for something different to do on a Saturday, Helsingør Wine Festival – or ‘the cosiest festival in Denmark’ as the organisers claim – is worth exploring. And did we mention that there will be wine for sale to bring home at special festival prices?

Helsingør Wine Festival
Helsingør Musikteater, Søstræde 4, Helsingør; Sat 11:00-19:00; tickets 200-250kr; www.vinfestival.dk


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