NemID does not compute with Java update

After two days, Nets is still working on getting the national computer login system back on track

Users of the NemID login system who have installed the most recent update of the Java plug-in on their computers will have to wait until at least Friday before they can access their online bank accounts or tax information again.

Nets, the company that operates NemID, reported this morning that after two days it still has not been able to make NemID work with version 7.45 of Java, and that it will take at least one more day to get the problem fixed.

When it was reported on Tuesday that users were experiencing problems logging on using NemID, Nets said the system would be ready and functioning again on Thursday, but the problem seems to be a bit more complicated than previously thought.

"The tests we carried out last night have unfortunately left us with further complications that we have to spend all of Thursday to sort out," Søren Winge, the head of Nets, told DR Nyheder. "We hope that users will be able to update Java on Friday."

Windows users who have upgraded their Java can try to uninstall the program and reinstall a version 7.40. Unfortunately for Apple users, there is no such solution for Mac computers.

This is not the first time this year that NemID users have been cut off from their bank accounts. On April 11, a co-ordinated DDoS hacking attack shut down the system. The hackers who claimed responsibility of the attack said that they used a program that cost $10, a little less than 60 kroner, to shut down the system.