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January 16th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Party with Jeppe & Marie

Meet the two hosts from children’s TV, Jeppe and Marie.  Join them for a massive party and entertaining show filled with strange guests, fun competitions, dancing and good music.

Kulturhuset Galaksen, Bymidten 48, Værløse; Sat 11:00; for more details go to www.miniCPH.com/Kultur


Design and Signs School

Let your children’s imagination and innovative ideas run wild on a course at which they learn basic skills in illustration, art, animation and design.

Akademiet for visual innovation, Stockholmsgade 33, Cph Ø; starts Tue, ends April 29, weekly 15:00-17:00; for more details go to www.miniCPH.com/Kultur


Climb and Play

Come join the ‘wild’ side with your child in the green arena. The group meets in the arena and together we play on the playground equipment or do sport together for up to four hours. Adult accompaniment required. Each adult can have up to three kids in tow.  

Idræts- og Kulturhuset Prismen, Holmbladsgade 71, Cph S; Sat 13:00-17:00; adults 40kr, children free adm; for more details go to www.miniCPH.com/Kultur


Creative workshop

Take a trip to the zoo with the creative designer Sabine Lemire. Maybe you would like to make a toucan or a dangerous lion? Sabine has a bag filled with gizmos and feathers, so just bring your good imagination! Sabine authored the great book ‘365 things you can do with your child’.

Ordrup Bibliotek, Ejgårdsvej 11, Charlottenlund; Sun 11:00-13:00; for more details go to www.miniCPH.com/Kultur



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