Danske Bank wants to drop Dansk

March 12th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Language issues are high on the annual general meeting agenda next week

When Danske Bank assembles for its annual general meeting next week, questions high up on the debate list will include which language the bank should operate in heading into the future.

Danske Bank’s board has expressed interest in the company only releasing its annual statements in English in the future, the bank revealed in a press release.

“The board proposes that the articles of association are changed so that annual reports are compiled and published in English, effective from the 2014 financial year,” the board said.

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More languages spoken
Because the board independently proposed the change, it is expected to be approved, so the first Danske Bank annual report in English will most likely surface in 2015. However, the board said it was willing to produce a condensed Danish version.

Moreover, the board proposed that – in addition to Danish and English – Norwegian and Swedish will be permitted to be spoken at general meetings in future.

Danske Bank’s annual general meeting will take place on Tuesday March 18 in Copenhagen and the agenda can be read here (in English).


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