Better times ahead for the labour market

May 19th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Business leaders say the recovery is taking hold

Things are loosening up in the Danish job market, according to Svend Askær, the head of the business organisation Lederne, who claims employers are starting to hire again.

“The recovery is taking hold,” Askær told DR Nyheder. “We are looking for hiring to start up again.”

Almost four out of ten managers asked in a YouGov poll said that they expect to hire more staff in 2014.

Last year only 28 percent said they expected to increase their staff; two years ago it was just 19 percent.

Skills required
Companies are looking for skilled workers.

“They are mainly interested in employees with skills, training and academic backgrounds,” said Askær.

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Two out of three mangers surveyed expect revenues to increase in the second half of 2014. Last year, only 52 percent thought business would improve.


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