The Great War remembered: lest we forget

The Golden Days festival is an annual historical event based on a different theme each year, and given how 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, it was an obvious choice for Golden Days 2014. 

It’s an incredibly diverse collection of exhibitions, lectures and happenings. All manner of issues and topics are tackled, including Dadaism, sexuality, shell shock, war gardens, trenches and expressionism.The First World War was optimistically known as ‘The War To End All Wars’. History proved otherwise, but the aftermath of the war saw new ideals and cultural forms emerge from the rubble. 

The festival is divided into three elements: the “seminal catastrophe” dealing with the tragedy and loss of life; the “shock of the new” about cultural expressionism and changing gender roles; and “playground, having fun on the sly” looking at Denmark’s role during the war and sampling the meals provided by the Goulasch Barons who made a small fortune feeding the fronts. 

A huge diversity of events and exhibitions all over and around Copenhagen, over 300 in all, makes this an impressive festival as it tackles weighty issues such as the downfall of man, mad artists, the battle for world domination and war poetry, as well as more light-hearted happenings such as burlesque, cabaret and even a tweed-clad bicycle ride. 
There will be plenty of hands-on activities for families in what promises to be a busy and fascinating 16 days. Check out the programme on the website.

Ends Sep 21; various venues; see programme for tickets prices;