Japanese women crazy about Rasmus Klump

November 14th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

The Danish bear cub will celebrate his 63rd birthday in Tokyo

The popular Danish comic figure Rasmus Klump is going to Japan.

The little bear cub will celebrate his 63rd birthday on November 17 in Tokyo, where products bearing his image will be launched.

Japanese women crazy about Rasmus
"The Japanese, but especially women aged between 20 and 40, are crazy about Rasmus Klump," Michael Benzon, the head of licensing at Egmont Publishing Kids, said in a press release.

Egmont Publishing will sell over 30 different products bearing the image of Rasmus Klump at a Scandinavian Christmas market at the Umeda Hankyu department store from November 25 until Christmas. 

Japanese fans of Rasmus Klump will be able to purchase for instance mobile covers, key rings, and mugs. 

Born on the pages of a newspaper
Rasmus Klump is the name of a bear cub in a popular Danish comic series for children created in 1951 by the married couple Carla and Vilhelm Hansen. 

The series was originally published as a newspaper strip and later successfully translated into a number of foreign languages. 


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