New growth plan to create jobs in Bornholm

December 11th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Food products and tourism among the key issues

The government and Bornholm's Growth Forum today agreed on a new growth plan that aims to generate a foundation for growth and jobs on the island.

The Bornholm growth plan consists of a number of initiatives within five central areas: growth in the food product industry on Bornholm, promoting cruise ship tourism and maritime services, cheaper ferry services, access to qualified labour and better education possibilities, and improved business promotion.

”The creation of more jobs in the private sector is essential to the development of Bornholm,” Henrik Sass Larsen, the business and growth minister, said in a press release.

”The growth plan we are presenting will build on Bornholm's strengths, particularly within food products and tourism, to in the future create a foundation for a further 200 jobs on the island.”

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Rønne Harbour expansion
Among the initiatives agreed upon, the government and Bornholm's Growth Forum will establish a partnership concerning quality food products, and the possibility of an expansion of Rønne Harbour will be looked into in order to attract more and larger ships.

The initiatives aim to add 200 new private sector jobs by 2020.

The growth plan is considered an extension of the agreement that saved 200 jobs at a slaughterhouse in Rønne in June this year.


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