A weekend of summer and then back to cold

Pia Marsh
June 10th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Friday and Saturday will see temperatures approaching 25 degrees, before the cold slips back into place

Balmy temperatures over the next three to four days will give us false hope (photo: Ana_J)

If you’ve been looking forward to soaking up some Vitamin D and getting your tan on in the coming weeks, you’d better be quick.

Don’t be fooled by the sunny streak that has blessed Denmark over the past few days – after the weekend, it’s back to some cold again.

“The next few days will be very nice, with dry and sunny weather. Today and tomorrow will be around 15-20 degrees, and Friday will be around 22-23 degrees,” DMI meteorologist Mogens Rønnebek told Ekstra Bladet.

After that, it will begin to go downhill again.

Saturday – a mixed bag
Experts assert that mid-weekend will see a turn in the weather.

“Saturday will be changeable. It starts dry with some sunshine in most places, but during the day there will be rain and showers from the west. In the western part of the country, the temperature will be between 15 and 20 degrees, but in the southern and eastern parts, the temperature may reach 25 degrees,” said Rønnebæk.

According to the DMI website, the temperature in the Capital Region will reach 24 degrees on Saturday.

Back to cooler temperatures
And keeping in trend with the typical Danish summer, we can expect rain and high winds to plague our sun baking patterns, with cooler temperatures and unsettled conditions returning next week.

“It will be windy with a maximum of 15 degrees for most of next week,” said Rønnebæk.

“High summer is still a long way off unfortunately.”




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