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Pia Marsh
June 10th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

A magnificient seven of English-language theatre shows performing at CPH stage

The best of performance art, theatre and music on Copenhagen’s stages (photo: Christoffer Brenke/archives)

June 10-21; all over CPH; cphstage.dk

This June, Copenhagen will once again come alive as a captivating mix of performance art, theatre and music descends onto the city’s stages.

Cph stage is weird and wacky and utterly imaginative, and its vast performance program is sure to keep you busy!

Now in its third year, the open theatre festival will include 107 English-language shows along with 13 non-verbal performances and six with supertitles.

As well as participating theatres, the performances are staged at a number of quirky venues, including the street, a yoga studio and a housing estate.

Many of the performers have travelled great distances to take part. Samir and Yonatan is Israeli and Blind Hamlet is Iranian, although both will be performed in English.

Below we have included seven of our recommendations, but it was a hard choice whittling down the shortlist.

Also worthy of a mention and your consideration are Spending Time with Dinosaurs, Salon Madame Nielsen, Strange Days (influenced by the movie), I love you you love me and Sigurd the Crusader (murmurs of Breivik), and don’t forget that A Tender Thing and The Woman who Wished to Die started in May and were previewed in last month’s edition (see cphpost.dk).

As well as the many performances, CPH STAGE also offers readings, seminars, parties and debates as well as a flea market (see G10).


June 10-14; Bikram Yoga, Ryesgade 23, Cph N; tickets 40kr; bikramcph.dk

An experimental performance like no other, DAD is a touching monologue about a father and son plagued by the evils of terminal cancer.

This raw and harrowing tale explores the complexities of the father-son relationship, particularly when it comes to the concepts of conflict, loss and the intricacies of learning to love o


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