Busiest CPH bus line to become CO2-neutral

Pia Marsh
June 17th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Copenhagen moves into the fast lane and sets new standards for public transport

New initiatives are aimed at improving passenger satisfaction (photo: Hans Andersen)

The city’s busiest bus line will introduce a series of new CO2-neutral gas buses, aimed at creating less pollution than the current diesel buses.

According to Frank Jensen, the lord mayor of Copenhagen, Bus 5A, which runs between Copenhagen Airport and Husum Torv, will use the new buses by 2017.

“We have a vision for Copenhagen being the world’s first C02-neutral city in 2025, and traffic plays a very important role in this,” Jensen told Metroxpress.

“Line 5A is one of Northern Europe’s busiest bus routes. I am pleased with the new buses, which will give the people of Copenhagen cleaner air.”

More added benefits
To make it easier and quicker for passengers to get in and out of the bus, the new bus doors will also be passenger-operated, similar to those on the S-train.

As well as this, the CEO of Movia, Dorthe Nøhr Pedersen, promises that passengers will have more space and a better chance to stay updated on their journey.

“When the new buses come in 2017, they will set a new benchmark for public transport, showing how it can assist both the environment and the passengers’ travel experience,” she told Metroxpress.


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