One more wet weekend and summer will begin

Pia Marsh
June 26th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

The days of dreary, overcast skies will soon be over – warm weather is on the way!

Temperatures set to exceed 25 degrees next week, much to the delight of festival-goers and school children (photo: Pedro Simões)

Finally some good news for our weather forecast!

Warm, sunny weather is on the way, and just in time for Roskilde Festival and the school summer holidays.

But don’t get your hopes up too fast. We have one more cool, wet weekend to endure before the skies turn clear.

“The weather forecast for the weekend is a little mixed, with clouds, rain and temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees. But next week it will be warmer,” Mogens Rønnebæk, a duty meteorologist at DMI, told Ekstra Bladet.

On Monday, temperatures will begin to rise, and will continue to improve throughout the week and over the weekend, as thousands of visitors flock to Roskilde Festival to enjoy the music under a sunny sky.

“There weather is looking good, with a lot of sun, clear skies and temperatures over 25 degrees. I think that 27 to 28 degrees is within reach,” said Rønnebæk.

Colder than average June
Rønnebæk confirms that this past June has been a lot colder than normal due to a west-flowing low pressure system in the Atlantic.

“We are about two degrees below average, so it is understandable if many feel that the past weeks have been a little cold,” he said.

However, he is quick to assert that a reinforced high pressure system will bring warmer air and clearer skies up towards Denmark from Central Europe – good news for everyone!

Despite the weather improvements, it will still be a little while before we can happily wade in the sea, with water temperatures currently at around 15 degrees where it is warmest.

“But next week, when the sun begins to shine, water temperatures should begin to get a little warmer.”


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