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Lonely this Christmas without refuge from the cold

Shifa Rahaman
December 21st, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

You needn’t spend the festive period on your own with so many events going on

While the weather is (sometimes) frightful, Copenhagen at Christmas is a magical place and there’s always something to do – whether you’re alone or with family.

Read on to find out what the city has on offer for you on the 24th and 25th this year.

Christmas minus Xmas

Den Grå Hal (The Grey Hall), Christiania, Refeshalevej 2, Cph K; Dec 24-25

If a traditional Christmas is not your thing, enjoy an artistic and quirky Christmas-less Christmas instead! The Grey Hall serves up a wonderful meal and it’s the place to go if dinner with the family (or lack thereof) is too hard a thought to handle. Celebrations are held over the 24th and 25th. No entry fee is required and the food is also free, but donations are gladly

Danish Christmas

Hereford Village, Frederiksberggade 21, 1 sal, Cph K; Dec 24, 18:30 onwards; 625kr (250kr deposit per table)

If you’ve ever wondered what the Danes eat at Christmas, head over to Hereford Village on the 24th to find out. The restaurant, which is one of the few open on Xmas eve, offers a set menu featuring a number of Danish classics. However, places are limited and a reservation is vital, so get together with a couple of friends and book well in advance! On offer are dishes such as the Danish classic flæskesteg (roast pork with crispy cracking) and brown potatoes (boiled potatoes coated in a caramel sauce).


Irish Christmas

Vimmelskaftet 46, Cph K; open every day of Christmas, including late on Dec 24 & 25, kitchen open until 22:00; theirishrover.dk

If you’re not up to basting the Christmas turkey (or flæskesteg) this year, head to the Irish Rover for all the trimmings. For 275kr a head, sit down to a three-course dinner and gorge yourself on winter vegetable soup, roast turkey, honey-baked ham and all the usual veg, and a choice of dessert. If you’re an Anglophile tired of duck for dinner at Christmas, this is the place to go.

Anglican Christmas

St Alban’s Church, Churchillparken 11, Cph K; Dec 24 at 12:00 & 23:30, Dec 25 at 10:30; st-albans.dk

If you’re in the mood for something more traditional, head on over to St Alban’s Church. They have a children’s carol and nativity service on the 24th, with midnight mass held later on. On the 25th, they celebrate the birth of Jesus with the Christmas Day Sung Eucharist. The services are in English.

Multicultural Christmas

Copenhagen Christian Centre, Drejervej 11-21, Cph NV; Dec 24, 13:30-15:00;

On December 24, they will hold their annual Christmas Ever Service for the whole family. Come for the snacks and hygge, and stay for the Christmas service afterwards! All the services are in English.

Catholic Christmas 

Sankt Ansgars Church, Bregade 64, Cph K; 24 Dec at 16:00, 24 Dec midnight mass at 23:30, 25 Dec at 11:00; sanktansgar.dk

Head on over to the oldest Roman Christian church in Copenhagen for the midnight mass on December 24 and join Catholics the world-over in celebrating the birth of Christ. They also feature a special music piece at this mass.

Jazzy Christmas

Palae Bar, Ny Adelgade 5, Cph K; Dec 24, 12:00-14:00; free adm

If music’s your religion, head to Palae bar for Christmas jazz from 12:00 to 14:00. After all, everyone (including God) loves jazz.

Energetic Christmas

Stengade, Stengade 18, Cph N; 24 Dec, 00:00 onwards; stengade.dk/program

If you want to work off your Christmas dinner, Retrograd, the upper floor at Stengade, will be open on Christmas Eve. With DJ Cars10 at the helm, head on over and dance the night away.

Russian Orthodox Christmas

Bredgade 53, Cph K, services generally held on Dec 28 & 29, and Jan 1 & 7; check ruskirke.dk for more details

Built in the 1800s and closed to tourists, their Christmas services are the perfect time to visit. Services are generally in Church-Slavonic but Danish language services are sometimes held during the holiday season.



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