At cinemas: Say it ain’t so, Hank

June 24th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Haven’t we’ve lived our lives for two whole decades without once pondering that which the world lacks – and landing on the answer, Independence Day 2? Speaking for myself, the prospect of a sequel to Roland Emmerich’s alien invasion schlock-fest barely registers as a shrug of the shoulders but I know that view isn’t shared by everyone. With all but Will Smith returning, conspicuous by his absence, find out if he was right to refuse the gig and we were right not to ask for it (and for those who’ve been looking forward, find out if the wait was worth it) in this weeks review.

Also out in cinemas is I Saw The Light, in which Tom Hiddleston is brilliantly cast as legendary country-western singer Hank Williams. The film chronicles his rise to fame and its tragic effect on his health and personal life. Unfortunately, thus far, reviews have been less than flattering.

Cinemateket (dfi.dk/Filmhuset) has started an excellent series of Film Noir – featuring classics of the genre in newly restored, high quality prints. This friday at 19:00 you can see Jules Dassin’s Night And The City in which a small-time London grifter tries to become a big-time wrestling promoter and ends up in a world of pain. On Wednesday at 19:00, there’s also Jacques Tourneur’s unforgettable Out Of The Past in which Jane Greer stars as a femme fatale who, with a chance meeting at a gas station, changes the fate of Robert Mitchum’s station attendant forever.

Cinemateket also continues its series on the polish master Krzystof Kieslowski – the highlights this week being A Short Film About Love on Friday at 21:15 and Blind Chance on Tuesday at 21:30. As part of their series on Iranian cinema – Iran 1960-90 – on Saturday at 12:30 you can see the much celebrated Where Is My Friend’s House by renowned director Abbas Kiarostami.

And finally, Fik Du Set Det, Du Ville? – is a series of second chances to see the years best films. This Saturday at 21:30 you can see George Miller’s gloriously bonkers return to the franchise that made his name – Mad Max: Fury Road – an absolute must on the big screen. (MW)


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