Out and About: Northside, a perfect gateway to Aarhus

When heading from Aarhus’ central station to Northside Festival, you will most likely walk through the ‘Camino’, a canal-side path where locals showcase their artsy creations, from pop up cafes to the tasting of fried worms (the snack of the future, apparently).

Anyone walking through the Camino will realise that Aarhus is not just a smaller version of Copenhagen, but a dynamic hub for the creative Danish youth. Aarhus was selected as the 2017 European Capital of Culture, and the city hall has been working non-stop on turning Denmark’s city into an inspiring destination for travellers.


Tuborg's unfiltered "raw" beer is a festival favourite in Denmark
Tuborg’s unfiltered “raw” beer is a festival favourite in Denmark


Northside is no exception to Aarhus’ hip-ness, and it attracts a large number of locals and internationals every year. Many think of the festival as a cleaner version of Roskilde: good music minus the grossness of ‘pee dust’ (yes, it’s a thing) and muddy camping.

All age groups attended Northside this weekend, from youngsters with rolled up trousers and striped black and white t-shirts to families with children wearing sound-proof headphones.


"Hipster" dads were among the festivalgoers
“Hipster” dads were among the festival goers


This year’s lineup included US punk legend Iggy Pop, who may be known for his shirtless performances, but eventually had to pick up a Nike sweater tossed on stage by a concerned fan as temperatures dropped after sunset. Beach House, Duran Duran, Flume and many more acts were also there. Jamie XX was the big Saturday night act and Sigur Ros, the Icelandic post-Rock band, put up a great show with impressive graphics.





If you are not into the full camping festival experience, Northside is a great option to consider for next summer and the perfect excuse to visit Aarhus, Denmark’s ‘City of Smiles’.