Copenhageners would welcome more tourists

Christian Wenande
August 12th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

95 percent of capital’s residents keen on more visitors

A new survey compiled by the Centre of Expertise Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality (CELTH) in six European cities has revealed that the citizens of Copenhagen are the least irked by tourism.

In fact, nearly all – a whopping 95 percent – are open to more tourists coming and having a gander at the Little Mermaid and the other sights and sounds of the Danish capital.

“Tourism is something that affects us collectively, so it’s important for us as a tourism organisation to understand how Copenhageners regard tourism,” said Mikkel Aarø-Hansen, the head of Wonderful Copenhagen.

“Moreover, the co-operation in the survey allows us to learn from the experiences of other cities. This is knowledge we can work further with and in the new strategy for tourism in the capital, which we are currently composing.”

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On the rise
According to the survey – which also included Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Lisbon – 79 percent of Copenhageners contended that, without reservations, there was space for more tourists in the city, while 16 percent argued there was only space for more tourists outside the peak season.

Compared to the five other cities, Copenhagen has the least tourism measured in annual overnight hotel stays, but tourism has increased by over 53 percent in the Danish capital since 2009.


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