Vehicle arson spreads to small Danish town

September 19th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Black Audi burned in Ringsted overnight

Car arsons may be spreading to the sticks (photo: NathanWert)

A black Audi sitting alone in a car park in Ringsted was set ablaze shortly before midnight on Monday. A person was seen running away from the blaze, and police are investigating it as an arson attack.

“There is  evidence to suggest arson,” Thomas Jørgensen, a spokesperson for Mid and West Zealand Police, told TV ØST. “A person was seen running away from the scene and jumping into a car that then headed south.”

Witnesses failed to get the licence plate of the speeding car, and police are asking anyone who may have seen anything to come forward.

Not just the capital anymore
The city of Copenhagen has been plagued by vehicle arson attacks for several weeks. One man has been arrested, but the fires have continued with him in custody.


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