Coming up Soon: Intense workouts, tats and salsa – the fake tan is mandatory

Andrea Dominguez
September 1st, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.

Although, the meditation and fancy design and food weekend might be the perfect antidote!

Don’t try this too close to the edge of the aircraft carrier. You might crash into an oil tanker (photo: Les Mills_Sgt. Richard Blumenstein)

Need to burn some energy? This is your chance at a two-day event that combines unique workout classes with a journey through digitally-created worlds by Les Mills instructors (Sep 2-3, 20:00; Lokomotivværkstedet, Otto Busses Vej 5A, Cph SV; 818kr; trippus.net)

Tattoo fan? This is your opportunity to be a part of 50 Shades of Ink, an international tattoo convention new to Copenhagen that will gather around 70 high quality tattoo artists from around the world (Sep 8-10, 15:00-19:00; Event Byen, Hvidkildevej 64 Cph NV; 100kr)

Get inspired by trends and innovations in technology, craft and design at the Copenhagen Maker Faire. Take part in 60+ workshops, practical projects and inspiring business cases and debates (Sep 8-10, 15:30-17:30; Stødpudelageret, Carlsberg Byen, Cph V; 80kr, kids 20kr)

Join the Eccowalkathon17 to raise money for Hjerteforeningen and SOS Børnebyerne. For each km, Ecco donates 7.5 kr. Every step counts! (Sep 10, 08:30-15:30; Gl Hovedvagt, Kastellet 1, Cph Ø; 50kr, kids 25kr)

Discover the inner peace and mental freedom that comes from learning how to let go of bad habits (Sep 9, 10:00-13:15; Kadampa Meditation Centre, Store Kongensgade 40H, st tv, Cph K; 250kr, students 150kr)

Explore TechFestival 2017! Enjoy exhibitions, summits, 100+ meetup activities, dinners, art installations, concerts and more (Sep 5-10, 08:00-23:00; various venues; 100kr; eventbrite.com)

Enjoy Indian dance, music and food, along with an outdoor screening of the famous Bollywood movie ‘Bahubali 2’ (Sep 1, 15:00- 23:00; Kulturcenter Kildvæld KCK, Bellmansgade 5A, Cph Ø; free adm)

The FindersKeepers market’s design and food weekend includes some of the best Danish designers (Sep 8-10, Sat & Sun 11:00-17:00; Travemündegade, Cph Nordhavn; finderskeepers.dk)

Enjoy traditional Cuban salsa music from the Gilito entre amigos band, and if you feel like moving, you can try some professional lessons (Sep 9, 21:00; Absalon, Sønder Boulevard 73, Cph V; 100kr)


(photo: David and Paulina)


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