Performance Preview: Has the American Dream turned into a nightmare?

Down the Rabbit Hole’s original play explores US patriotism through the experiences of a stateside-born cast

What do the ‘city on the hill’, the Wild Wild West and Hollywood have in common?

For starters, these sensational places built their famous reputations on the basis of the ‘American Dream’, the country where hope fostered and could materialise into reality.

Twofold, the perpetuation of these distinguished trademarks and desirable ideals became hallmark characteristics of an America full of opportunity.

Shaking the foundations of America
Through the use of music, history, poetry, and theatre, Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre will use their base at House of International Theatre (HIT) in Huset to raise questions that shake the very foundation of this fond American narrative.

Because alas, many would argue that the land people once sought to improve their lot and build a future is no longer (and perhaps never was to begin with) theirs …

At a time when identities are becoming increasingly touchy to debate, the integral role the American Dream has played in shaping not just America, but  universal conceptions around the world, is worth considering, and even challenging.

Given how so many of us have even bought into the dream, this production will surely rattle our conscience!

Written by and starring Americans
The show was conceived and directed by Down the Rabbit Hole’s American director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen and stars Tom Hale, Alex Lehman
 and Tina Robinson, all accomplished performers who have lived in the United States.

Their relevant personal backgrounds are bound to shed first-hand light upon our perception of the American Dream and offer a reliable guide to patriotism in America.