New Danish airline to take flight this summer

Christian Wenande
February 14th, 2019

This article is more than 4 years old.

Great Dane Airlines to cater to charter and business customers

Danish aviation has a new player (photo: Great Dane Airlines)

Danish aviation will welcome a new player into the fold this summer when Great Dane Airlines makes its debut on the runways in June.

The airline, which will be based out of Aalborg, will cater to charter and business customers and operate two 118-seater Embraer 195 aircraft as part of its business model.

It has already gained a significant foothold in the charter sector, thanks to a deal being reached with charter giant Bravo Tours.

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Gap in the market
The airline has already pinpointed an opening in the market for flights from Aalborg to Dublin, Edinburgh and Nice, but will reveal more about its routes later today.

The new airline is owned by Thomas Hugo Møller and Huy Duc Nguyen and will launch with eight pilots and 12 flight attendants, all based out of north Jutland.

Great Dane Airlines joins Alsie-express, Jet Time and DAT to be part of Denmark’s modestly-sized aviation grouping – not counting SAS, which is jointly owned by Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


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