Parties oppose Hong Kong’s new security law

Enhedslisten and Socialistisk Folkeparti express outrage over sections of the law that gives China greater control over Hong Kong

Political parties on Wednesday denounced the national security law that China imposed on Hong Kong, a measure that has drawn international criticism for threatening the city’s autonomy.

Enhedslisten and Socialistisk Folkeparti (SF) expressed outrage over sections of the law that prohibit support for disputed regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang and Tibet.

The details of the legislation were kept secret until it was passed on Tuesday.

EU criticism

The passage of the law has sparked protests and riots. It gives China jurisdiction over “very serious” national security crimes, and offenders could face life in prison as punishment. Danish politicians have expressed concern about these provisions.

The law has prompted criticism for undermining Hong Kong’s “One Country, Two Systems” model that grants it judicial and legislative autonomy from China until 2047, as part of the 1997 handover from Britain.

Denmark vehemently opposes the law, both at the national and EU levels, and deems it as a breach of the handover agreement.

The SF has yet to decide whether to support moves to bring the issue before the International Court of Justice or to summon the Chinese ambassador on the matter.

The European Council has also deplored the law for undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy.