Stand and be counted for Denmark’s number 10

Christian Wenande
June 15th, 2021

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In the tenth minute of Denmark’s game against Belgium, fans will rise and put their hands together for Christian Eriksen

There is little doubt that Denmark’s Euro 2020 clash against Belgium will be an emotional experience, given what happened to Christian Eriksen on Saturday evening.

But those watching will likely be a little more misty eyed than usual in the early on in the game. 

The Danish fans have called for everyone to stand up in the tenth minute and clap for Denmark’s number 10.

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He’s across the road
And there’s a good chance that Eriksen will hear the noise. 

Eriksen remains at city hospital Rigshospitalet, located a stone’s throw from Parken Stadium, where he is undergoing tests following his collapse in the 43rd minute against Finland a few days ago.

“When the game passes 10:00 on Thursday, we will get up and hail Christian Eriksen for one minute of applause as a special greeting to him from all Danes wishing him a speedy recovery,” Denmark’s Tifo Team wrote on Facebook.

The game against Belgium kicks off at 18:00 on Thursday.

Meanwhile, on the national team’s Facebook page, there was a message from the man himself:

Hello everyone

Big thanks for your sweet and amazing greetings and messages from all around the world. It means a lot to me and my family. 

I’m fine – under the circumstances. I still have to go through some examinations at the hospital, but I feel okay.

Now, I will cheer on the boys on the Denmark team in the next matches.

Play for all of Denmark 



(photo: Faccebook/Herrelandsholdet)


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