Danish aquarium exhibits dead porpoise

Christian Wenande
February 14th, 2022

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Fjord&Bælt contends its new concept will show visitors that death is the prerequisite for life beneath the surface

The exhibition kicked off on February 10 (photo: Fjord&Bælt)

Fjord&Bælt aquarium in Kerteminde, Funen has turned quite a few heads with its latest exhibition. 

The ‘Life in Death’ exhibition, which opened on February 10, involves a dead porpoise slowly being devoured by sea scavengers to illustrate what happens when a marine mammal dies.

Fjord&Bælt had a similar exhibition involving a dead seal back in 2019, so this effort is a 2.0 rendition.  

“It’s difficult for us humans to experience life under the surface. So we’ve revived the idea of showing the entire process in an aquarium in the exhibition,” explained Jeppe Kaczmarek, Fjord&Bælt’s exhibit manager.

“Our guests see how the porpoise decomposes and becomes a food source for a lot of other animals. This way, we demonstrate how death is a prerequisite for life on earth.”

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It’s fin-tastic! 
The dead porpoise was acquired from a fisherman who found the small dolphin-looking marine mammal in his fishing net. 

The exhibit also gives children the opportunity to dissect fish and touch live crabs, starfish and flatfish.

Guest are also able to take in Fjord&Bælt’s daily training sessions for its porpoises and seals. 

Read more about the exhibit here. 


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