Copenhagen the third best city in Europe to enjoy a weekend break with children

Danish capital ranks highly for access to water and amusement parks, as well as museums

Copenhagen is the third best city in Europe to enjoy a weekend break with children, according to an OVO Network report that included 50 locations across the continent. .

The Danish capital scored highly in many different categories – most notably for its clean air ranking, which placed it top.

OVO Network hailed Copenhagen as “a trailblazer when it comes to air quality” as it ranked significantly better than the other cities in the survey.

Good access and safety
Copenhagen also ranked highly for access to museums (5), access to water and amusement parks (3=) and safety (top 10).

For every 1 million residents, the Danish capital has 186 museums – well above the European average of 97.

Copenhagen has eight water and amusement parks per million residents and tourists – again much higher than the European average of three.

Czech out the friendliness of Prague
Topping the ranking was Prague, with Helsinki claiming second place and the Nordic bragging rights. Stockholm (25) and Gothenburg (29) were a long way off the pace.

Completing the top ten were Zagreb, Edinburgh, Riga, Lisbon, Valencia, Sevilla and Vilnius.

Ultimately Copenhagen lost points due to its high transport costs, which were the highest in the top 24.