Denmark blasts Russia as invasion launched

PM Mette Frederiksen described it as a “dark day for peace in the world” and promised it would have big consequences for the Russians

Europe woke up to war today as Russian tanks and troops rolled into Ukraine after President Valdimir Putin greenlighted an invasion early this morning.

The action has been widely condemned by the rest of the world’s leaders, including PM Mette Frederiksen who called it “a dark day for peace in the world”.

“I strongly condemn Russia’s attack. It’s a terrible and unprovoked act that goes against the UN Charter and International Law,” Frederiksen wrote on Facebook.

“My thoughts are with the Ukrainian people – with the children and adults who now fear for their futures. This will have huge consequences for Russia.”

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Russia: It’s self-defence
The attack, which reportedly also included missile strikes in a number of regions and cities in Ukraine, has prompted massive car and public transport queues in Kiev as people seek to flee the capital.

The Foreign Ministry announced it has closed its embassy in Kiev and urged Danish citizens to seek safety. 

Meanwhile, Russia has stated that the action is a special mission, not a war, and constitutes an act of self-defence.