SAS hit by serious cyber attack

Hacking incident led to a serious GDPR leak relating to passenger information being accessible to others 

SAS has been struggling mightily with its finances as of late and the embattled airline unveiled a new strategy last year in a bid to keep afloat.

Now it faces a very different challenge, following news that a cyber attack has led to a serious GDPR leak – a leak that involved sensitive passenger data being accessible.

According to, a number of passengers wrote to SAS on social media complaining that they suddenly had access to data from other customers while using the SAS app – SAS later confirmed they had sustained a cyber attack.

SAS then urged its customers to avoid using the app on Tuesday evening.

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A response to Paludan
The cyber attack against SAS was one of several against a number of Swedish companies yesterday, including Swedish TV station Sveriges Television.

The hacker group Anonymous Sudan’ took responsibility for the attack, saying it was in response to Rasmus Paludan burning Qurans in Sweden.