Denmark dispatching immense donor package to Ukraine

The 1.7 billion kroner package aims to assist Ukraine in its offensive with military equipment, air defenses and ammunition 

Speculation that Ukraine could launch a spring offensive in its war against Russia have been swirling for many weeks now.

But to do that, the Ukrainians have called for more ammunition and equipment – pleas that have not fallen on deaf ears.

A broad majority of Parliament have agreed to dispatch a 1.7 billion kroner package to Ukraine – the largest Danish donation to Ukraine since Russia invaded early last year.

“We know the Russians have dug in across occupied areas in Ukraine via trenches, minefields and other obstacles in a bid to halt a Ukrainian offensive,” said the interim defence minister, Troels Lund Poulsen.

“The material in the donor package is important to pave the way for Ukrainian tanks and the armoured infantry on the frontline. Moreover, we are strengthening efforts to maintain key capacities.”

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9.5 billion kroner and counting
The package consists of, among other things, armoured anti-mine vehicles, minesweepers and special vehicles designed to salvage tanks and break through obstacles. 

Additionally, items such as pontoon bridges, ammunition, night vision equipment, mortar rounds and financial contributions for air defence provisions are also included in the package.

Fuel, first aid equipment and field rations will also be provided as part of the latest donation, which sees Denmark’s overall contribution to Ukraine reach 9.5 billion kroner since Russia’s invasion.

Just last week, it emerged that Denmark’s CAESAR howitzers arrived in the war-stricken country as part of an earlier aid package.

Furthermore, over a dozen Danish Leopard 2 tanks are also in the pipeline.