Floors are alive with the pound of hip-hop


Get ready to shake what your mamma gave you because Floor Wars is here. This dance-based event over two days will sort the winners from the losers. Floor Wars aims to inspire both the newbies, as well as the professionals, of the break dance scene to network, exchange ideas and dance off against each other. Based around a 3 vs 3 breakdance battle, this event is arranged according to what the organisers call the ‘Great 8’ principle.


Eight world-class crews will be challenged by eight other crews that are selected in a qualifying round prior to the main battle. The fantastic thing about this is that any crew therefore has an opportunity to enter the competition.


The great eight crews include Denmark’s own world famous Natural Effects, who over the years have delivered some legendary performances at Floor Wars.  Every time they have entered they have made it through to the finals, as was the case in 2006, 2007 and 2008. In 2006 they won first prize. Continuing to improve over the years, they will enter this time round with the Red Bull BC One winner, ‘Neguin’ from Brazil. Perhaps this may be the year for them to bring it home and take the title on home soil.


The line-up also includes Fusion Mind Killer from Korea, De Klan from Italy, Melting Force from France, Mf Kidz from America, Tatanaka from the Ukraine, and Soul Mavericks from the UK.


As the name indicates, Floor Wars is being held on the floor and is an arena-style event that preserves the intimacy and intensity of the battles. Vega is the showground for this event and will also showcase smaller side battles that are being held, such as a ‘popping battle’ and a ‘toprock battle’. 


The timetable for Floor Wars 2012 is action-packed. Beginning on Friday night at Lille Vega, the doors will open at 7pm, and from 8pm onwards in the Lille Vega concert hall there will be the R16 Scandinavian Qualification 1vs1 B-boy Battle. The winner will go to Korea where they will compete in the R16 1vs1 B-boy Battle.


Also from 8pm onwards in the Lille Vega Lounge there will be the 1vs1 All Style Battle Just For Laughs Qualification. The winner will go to Montreal to represent Denmark in the Just For Laughs All Style Battle. From 11:30pm onwards, the event heats up with the pre-party.


Come Saturday, the action only gets bigger at Store Vega. The doors open at 4pm, whilst at 5pm in the main hall there are the eliminations for the 3vs3 battle. At 6pm in the foyer there is the ‘toprock battle’, whilst at 6:30pm in the main hall the ‘footwork battle’ will occur. At 8pm the main battle will begin.


The judges for the 3 vs 3 battle will be Dyzee from Canada’s Supernaturalz crew, Buckingham from America’s Flexible Flave, and Nono from France’s Vagabond Crew. Nearly as important as the dancers themselves are the DJs that will be responsible for spinning the tunes. Like the crews, these DJs come from all around the world and include OneUp from France, Uragunn from Italy and Holland’s Panic. Floor Wars is organised by Breakpoint, a hip-hop community that formed to practice and develop the various dance forms of hip-hop such as breaking, electric boogie and locking.  


Breakpoint caters for Denmark’s best dancers, as well as absolute beginners. As well as Floor Wars they also do shows, arrange jams and offer dance-lessons.


Floor Wars

Vega, Enghavevej 40, Cph V;

Friday 19:00-01:00, Sat 16:00-01:00;

Tickets (at the door) Fri 140kr, Sat 180kr;


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