It doesn’t get any more Distorted than this

June 4th, 2012

This article is more than 11 years old.

A look at the musical highlights of Distortion 2012

Four days after it all started, Copenhagen's craziest cavalcade came to an abrupt end. Those who partook in the proceedings will no doubt have plenty of smiles and positive recollections that they will be talking about for a while to come. Here's a quick glance through the rear view mirror at some of the best moments of Distortion 2012.

Pete Tong at Vor Frue Plads, Wednesday, May 30

One of the grand old men of electronic music, the pioneer of Radio One's Essential Mix, Pete Tong sprung a surprise at this year's festival when it was announced that he'd be playing at Vor Frue Plads a mere three days before his appearance. Lulu Rouge and Rune RK were on the warm-up duties but ultimately the show was all about Pete. To say that his performance was epic would be a gross understatement.

Anders Trentemøller in Nørrebro, Thursday May 31

Anders Trentemøller has the rare privilege of being Denmark's best DJs whilst simultaneously being rather anonymous in Copenhagen.  One may well have easily walked by him playing a laissez-faire set in the heart of Nørrebro on Thursday; a rare blend of electronica laced with occasional outbursts of rock and indie. This was all before his more publicised show at the skate park the day after, which was no less than anyone would have expected.

Mike Skinner at Lastbilscenen, Friday June 1

Brummie Mike Skinner, a man who has managed to shine in his performances in Denmark year after year, was on hand to chase away the rain on Friday night. Performing to a mix of hefty dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass, Skinner was at his usual best and not even a heavy downpour could deter the crowd from turning out in the hundreds.

Distortion Rave S-train, Friday June 1

Imagine an S-train packed to the brim with a horde of merrymakers all bouncing to the sound of heavy beats and blazing bass lines. Distortion's cherry on the cake this year was one such-like concoction, a circus that ended up being taken over by a marching band who decided they'd waltz in on Mike Sheridan's set and steal the show.


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