A new lease of life awaits you: release it!

If there’s one thing everyone can do, it’s live healthier. From walking or biking in lieu of the train or bus, to drinking water instead of soda, there are small changes we can all make on a day-to-day basis to make ourselves healthier, extend our lifespan and improve our general well-being. Sometimes all that’s stopping us is not knowing exactly where or how to start.

So why not begin at the Healthy Lifestyle Fair at Øksnehallen this weekend. Denmark’s largest health fair has been held each autumn since 1986. Last year 17,000 people attended, and another 15-20,000 are expected to attend the fair over the course of its three days.

The fair will host a series of talks and lectures on various health-related topics, such as recent medical developments, alternative medicines and healthy lifestyle changes, and will stage 190 individual stalls, occupied by vendors from throughout Denmark selling an incredible assortment of products: from organic skin products and make-ups to massage oils and scented candles.

While the fair primarily appeals to and attracts women, there is undoubtedly something for everyone – who doesn’t need to go to a talk entitled ‘Cultivate happiness for more love and better sex?’ Or how about ‘Fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals. Meet a world champion?’

And if you’re thinking now’s not a good time to make drastic life changes, maybe it’s a good time for a cleansing shiatsu massage or a quick round of acupuncture? Maybe it’s a good time to snack on healthy candy, like chocolate and yoghurt covered in fruit and nuts?

Go to the fair. And, if you’re browsing stalls and listening to talks and realise that none of the health ‘craze’ is up your alley, you can easily dodge off and grab a beer at one of several bars located nearby in Copenhagen’s meat-packing district.

Healthy Lifestyle Fair

Øksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11, Cph V; starts Fri, ends Sun, open daily 10:00-18:00; tickets 100kr, under-14s free when accompanied by an adult;




Is daylight a new wonder drug?
Fri 11:00
Controversial neuroscientist Milena Penkowa will deliver a talk every Copenhagener should hear as winter fast approaches. The lack of daylight in winter months can lead to a depression known as seasonal affective disorder – start fighting it on Friday.

The power of thought, the body’s physical abilities, and focus
Sun 14:00
This talk, delivered by Kirsten Bak Hansen, comes from a holistic perspective of health that begins with the power the mind has over the body. How much of your health is determined by your mood? Are you thinking yourself sick? Find out on Sunday.


SoSimple: Exhibitor #306
SoSimple offers an exercise in mindfulness: how often do you think about your emotions?

Hovedland A/S: Exhibitor #715
A publishing company, Hovedland, offers books about diet, alternative healing, psychology and spirituality.

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