Police: Resistance Museum fire started in a toilet

April 29th, 2013

This article is more than 11 years old.

Investigators say that there are no signs of human involvement in the fire

Copenhagen Police say that the fire that destroyed much of the Resistance Museum on Sunday started in a portable toilet outside the museum.


According to the police, nothing indicates that the fire was deliberately set and technicians will now investigate the toilet's hair dryer, circuit breaker and water heater as possible causes of the fire.


"Our preliminary conclusion is that the fire began in a portable toilet that was securely locked," vice police inspector Jens Møller told Ritzau. "Nothing indicates that a person was inside and set the fire."


Møller didn't completely rule out the possibility of human involvement in the fire however, saying that there was a vent in the portable toilet that could have been used to to start the fire, but he stressed that nothing indicated that to be the case.


The fire that ripped through the Resistance Museum damaged much of the building but the historical artefacts housed within were removed before they sustained damage. Some 600 moving boxes filled with photos, documents, uniforms and weapons dating to the German occupation of Denmark under the Second World War were moved to safety and no items were lost to the fire. 


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