Driving license exchange rules may be eased

Drivers who are from a country where the level of road safety is comparable to Denmark, could also be exempt from the current driving test when exchanging their license

People holding driving licences issued by non-EU countries are likely to face an easier time obtaining a Danish driving licence, according to a new Justice Ministry proposal. 

The justice minister, Morten Bødskov, said the government is considering a proposal that would extend the period of time individuals may remain in Denmark before they need to exchange their licenses, as well as dropping the current requirement that most non-EU drivers take a driving test.

“In the case of a person from a country where the general level of road safety is comparable to Denmark, we are open to a system of exchange without the current driving test.”

He added that individuals would likely have to prove they are experienced drivers and have not had their licenses revoked within the last five years. 

The proposal is expected to ready sometime this autumn.