Major rail delays after DSB work-stoppage

July 10th, 2013

This article is more than 10 years old.

Trains sat idle for several hours this morning as employees protested planned changes they fear will result in reduced safety

Railway traffic nationwide came to a standstill for several hours this morning as employees temporarily stopped work in protest over planned changes they fear would reduce safety. 

The work stoppage included S-trains in Copenhagen, but not privately operated commuter trains.

DSB sources said the employees had begun to ruturn to work in some areas but were unable to say when service would return to normal. 

The employee meeting, which DSB said was in violation of their collective barganing agreement, came after DSB said it planned to eliminate ticket takers on the Helsingør-Copenhagen-Kastrup route, leaving just the train's driver to ensure that all passengers had boarded the train.

For more information, vist Banedanmark's website. Click the 'Fjernbane' tab for regional trains, 'S-bane' for Copenhagen S-trains. 'Aflyst' is the Danish word for cancelled. 'Forsinket' means delayed.


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