Former Dansk Folkeparti MP charged with racism for Facebook content

July 15th, 2013

This article is more than 10 years old.

Joke comparing Muslim women with garbage violates racism statutes, says state’s attorney

Tina Petersen, a former MP for Dansk Folkeparti (DF) and current Svendborg city councillor, has been indicted for racism for a photo on her Facebook page in April that compared Muslims to rubbish.

“Hehe … Remember to take out the big trash tomorrow ;-)))…” Petersen wrote next to a manipulated photo of a burka-clad Muslim woman and child who were made to resemble the two rubbish bags they are standing next to.

Although the image was taken down, several screenshots appeared in the media showing not only the offensive picture, but Petersen continuing to joke with her Facebook followers in a manner degrading to Muslims.

The public prosecutor’s office on Funen filed the indictment.

“I can confirm that she has been indicted,” Funen's chief prosecutor, Jan Stick, told TV2 Fyn.

DF’s Svendborg party head, Henning Duvier Stærmose, said that Petersen’s indictment will not have an impact on the rest of the party.

“I do not think it will have any great effect in relation to the electorate,” he told TV2 Fyn. “It was on Tina Petersen's profile, and no one else in the party was involved.”


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