Charges filed in car crash that killed three children

Police believe 39-year-old male driver’s speed was main cause of the July 16 fatal car crash outside of Sindal

North Jutland Police prosecutors have decided to indict 39-year-old Lasse Burholt, one of the drivers involved in the devastating July car crash that resulted in three deaths.


The crash between Burholt and Maria O'Shea, a Danish doctor who lives in Australia, occurred near the northern Jutland town of Sindal and resulted in the deaths of three of O'Shea's four children: Soren (11), Saoirse (9) and Conor (3). Her youngest child, Torben, survived.


Burholt is now being charged with negligent manslaughter and traffic law violations. 


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According to a press release from the North Jutland Police, Burholt was driving approximately 125 kmh at the time of the accident. In addition to his speeding over the designated 80 kmh limit, he was also using a hand-held mobile phone and not giving adequate attention to traffic regulations when the collision took place.


The police maintain, however, that both parties were in violation of traffic laws, with Burholt driving too fast and O'Shea overlooking the oncoming car whilst turning left. Even so, the excess speed was determined to be the primary cause of the accident. 


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"We have chosen to say that in this tragic case, it is up to the court to reach a decision," North Jutland Police's deputy chief prosecutor, Torben Kauffmann Sørensen, stated in Wednesday's press release. "And since, according to our assessment, excessive speed is the main cause of the accident, we have decided to indict the male driver."


The case is scheduled for hearing at the court in Hjørring on October 24.