What dragged you away from your home in 2013? | Top event

In the next couple of days, the InOut team pay tribute to the performances, shows and events that have impressed them the most over the last 12 months.

Scandinavia’s biggest documentary festival always manages to outshine CPH:PIX. Whether it’s the range of the films – after all, it’s not like the selections are going to be beyond your grasp for long – or the events and buzz that coincides with DOX, it always seems to have the edge.

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2. Little Mermaid 100th anniversary
They didn’t go over the top with the celebrations, and this added to the charm, but for 24 hours in late August the city was united in respect for the little statue that has become its most recognisable symbol.

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3. Copenhagen Book Forum = Louisiana Literature 
Louisiana Literature last year left the book forum trailing in its wake, but the more established November event really upped its game in 2013, attracting an impressive line-up that included Michael Dobbs and David Nicholls. Still Louisiana had Ian McEwan and Zadie Smith, so we’re calling this a draw.

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4. Copenhagen Comics
The inaugural festival proved once again that it is able to attract some of the industry’s biggest names, and for two days in early June, comic fans were in heaven.

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5. Geekcore Festival 
For four days non-stop, fans of sci-fi fantasy, comics/manga, anime, cosplay, roleplaying, gaming and eSport took over Valby Kulturhus to declare a new nerd republic.

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