Danes most likely to be called Peter or Anne

Peter and Anne are the two most common Danish names, according to the latest figures from Statistics Denmark.

As of January 1, there were 49,811 Danish men named Peter, while Jens, Lars, Michael and Henrik took second through fifth place.

There were 47,007 Danish women named Anne, followed in popularity by Kirsten, Hanne, Mette and Anna.

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Consistent winners
The statistics show that the vast majority of men with the five most common names are around the age of 50, while the popular female names have varied over the years.

For example, the majority of Danish women named Kirsten are around the age of 70, while the majority of those named Mette are around 40.

But if the Danish population were divided into ten-year intervals, neither Peter nor Anne would be the most popular name in any interval, demonstrating that they are consistently chosen by parents over they years, instead of being briefly trendy.

The most popular names for boys and girls aged under the age of 10 are Magnus and Emma respectively, while those aged 20-30 are most likely to either be named Martin or Camilla.