Who is...

Who is … Mads Dinesen?

Andreas Jakobsen    January 20th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

He is the 22-year-old money-loving millionaire and former owner of the night club Nasa, who keeps presenting the world with new stupid ways to waste money.

Why is he famous?
He’s a media whore and self-proclaimed “power-craving, money-loving asshole” (it actually says that in his résumé) looking for a new expensive house in the TV3 show ‘Kræsne Købere’ (picky buyers). But what makes him stand out from the other millionaires on the show is that he always looks like a scared kid and talks in a monotone robotic voice, which all stands in stark contrast which his extravagant jetset lifestyle.

What’s extravagant about him?
The most memorable quote from the show is when he said he didn’t care if he spent 10,000 or 500,000 kroner on caviar for his birthday party.

That’s too much.
It seems he has nothing better to do with his money than flushing it down the drain. He once bought a 75,000 kroner bottle of Dom Perignon champagne just to pour it all out onto the street.

Maybe he doesn’t like champagne?
But he does. Tabloids even call him the ‘Champagne Boy’. In fact he loves Dom Perignon so much so that he tattooed its logo on his arm.

How did he get so rich?
He claims he’s been doing business since before he went through puberty. But today no-one exactly knows how much money he has or if he has indeed entered puberty yet. The tabloids once claimed that some of his previous companies never existed. He has faced fraud charges of 530,000 kroner and his staff at Nasa accused him of not paying them, which led to questions over whether he really was as rich as he claimed to be.

Could it all be a scam?
If he’s faking his millionaire lifestyle, he must be alarmingly broke in real life. Just two weeks ago he filmed himself in a bar putting a 1,000 kroner bill into a blender and drinking it with vodka. “No big deal,” he said. “I usually spend much more on drinks when I go out.”

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